Run4Her: ESSEC Africa students run for women’s empowerment


On March 3, 2024, ESSEC Africa students took to the streets of Aïn Sebaâ in Casablanca for the third #Run4Her race, demonstrating their commitment to female empowerment.

The #Run4Her race, organized by the NGO Tibu Africa in collaboration with the Moroccan We4She association, is much more than just a sporting competition. It serves as a platform for championing the economic, social, psychological, and political empowerment of women. The objective is to foster their financial independence, increase their decision-making power, and promote gender-equitable power dynamics. Empowering women gives them the agency and power to safeguard not only their own well-being but also that of their families.

This event is a powerful statement of solidarity and inclusivity, in which ESSEC Africa students actively participated. Sporting the ESSEC emblem, students tackled the 5km race with determination, demonstrating that the empowerment of women is a cause that resonates with and mobilizes young people.

In addition to the competition, the event featured a social innovation village, which enabled ESSEC Africa students to discover and support sports startups launched by bold women. This provided students with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the ecosystem of female entrepreneurship and to further support its development.

The participation of prominent figures like Patricia Llombart Cussac, the European Union Ambassador to Morocco, and Lamia Merzouki, President of the We4She association, served as a testament to the commitment of the international community to advancing women’s empowerment.

This day enabled our students to witness the positive impact that education and sport can wield on society, particularly in the context of women’s emancipation. Through their active engagement in the event, ESSEC Africa students signalled their readiness and determination to take up the challenges of women’s empowerment.