Singapore campus

Located at Nepal Hill, in the heart of one-north (the “Silicon Valley” of Singapore), ESSEC Asia-Pacific promises to shape the future of business education in the Asia-Pacific region. Established in 2005 as ESSEC's first overseas campus outside France, Singapore was chosen for its strategic location as the gateway to Asia, a culturally vibrant hub for finance, communications, logistics, and information technology. 

The campus is surrounded by a buzzing technopreneur community of venture capitalists, innovators, students, researchers, and media enterprises. It is home to world-class R&D, tech, and media companies.  Organizations like P&G Innovation Centre, A*STAR, The Walt Disney Company (Southeast Asia), Canon, Fujitsu Asia, Garena, and Ubisoft are located here.

As a hub for ESSEC’s activities in the Asia-Pacific region, the campus offers a dynamic environment that facilitates the delivery of quality business programs to students and participants, fosters partnerships with academic and corporate entities, and drives influential research initiatives.

Student breakout rooms, and study areas
Students a year
6 500 m²
Of total surface area

ESSEC is a research-driven business school, led by a faculty of influential experts, integrated within an international community and featuring a diverse range of skills. The faculty members are strongly committed to share their expertise and frequently contribute to executive programs, conferences, forums and symposiums among others.

ESSEC’s faculty hails from some of the most prestigious institutions worldwide. 21 permanent professors are based in the Asia-Pacific campus.

The Asia-Pacific campus is located in Singapore, a dynamic city renowned for its urban environment, cultural diversity, and connectivity to the region. Known as the "Garden City'' of Asia, Singapore offers a lush urban landscape with many places to explore. 

Near the ESSEC campus, you will also find vibrant shopping and dining destinations such as The Star Vista and Timbre+. Singapore has a thriving arts and entertainment scene at locations like its Civic District and Clarke Quay, Gardens by the Bay, The Esplanade, and Botanic Gardens. Singapore’s safe, efficient, and harmonious society allows you to immerse yourself in a rich variety of experiences, while its strategic location serves as a gateway to major business hubs across Asia-Pacific.