ESSEC Weekend Executive MBA

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  • Format

    3,5 days a month, over 18 months

  • Next intake

    April 24, 2025

  • Location(s)

    Paris (La Défense)

  • Minimum work experience

    7 years

Achieve your goals, both personal and professional, revealing the agile leader you aim to become. Throughout the ESSEC Executive MBA program, expand your general management knowledge, gain international experience through global residencies, gain an understanding of intra- and entrepreneurship, hone your leadership skills and advance your personal development.

A unique format tailored to your professional needs
With sessions taking place once a month over a period of 3,5 days and a total of 66 days of coursework and 43 calendar weekdays, our Executive MBA allows for increased flexibility and an optimized study schedule that reduces out-of-office days, making it the perfect option for busy executives.

A multicultural perspective on business
Doing business in a globalized world demands agility, cultural acumen, resilience and a deep understanding of global markets. Through our program’s three international residencies spanning three continents and the rich network of peers from 20 different countries, our participants acquire a robust skillset tailored to excel in an multicultural environment.

A network of excellence
The connections built with EMBA peers, faculty, industry experts, and alumni become an invaluable asset in participants’ professional journeys. Spanning diverse industries, functions and regions and offering a breadth of perspectives and experiences, this network of excellence extends far beyond the end of the 18-month experience.

An innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystem
Whether leaders looking for innovative solutions to business challenges or aspiring entrepreneurs, participants are immersed in a highly entrepreneurial environment built to foster creativity and cultivate intra- and entrepreneurial mindsets. Hands-on experiences like the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Project provide the perfect opportunity to apply these learnings.

A collaborative approach to responsible leadership
Group work
and collaborative learning form the foundation of every aspect of the program, including leadership training. Through innovative approaches like the Multi-competency Teams, the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Project, the Social Class Project and our immersive 3-day Leadership Seminar, participants actively refine and enhance their leadership abilities.


The program at a glance
  • MBA degree from ESSEC Business School

  • Recognized Bac+5 degree (“Grade Master”) from the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation*


*The ESSEC Executive MBA program awards a recognized BAC+5 degree (“Grade Master”). Authorisation was delivered following assessment by the national Management Programs Assessment Commission (CEDFG) for a renewable period. This Commission undertakes assessment for all programs, delivered by business schools that are recognised by the French State, to guarantee the quality of teaching delivered and the value of their degree. (RNCP: 36814)


  • 55%
  • 45%

Average age

  • 40%
    36 - 40
  • 32%
    41 and older
  • 28%
    35 and younger


  • 84%
  • 2%
    North America
  • 7%
  • 3%
    Middle East
  • 4%

Educational Background

  • 12%
    Social Sciences and Law
  • 34%
    Engineering and Technology
  • 2%
    Humanities and Arts
  • 18%
    Life Sciences and Physics
  • 34%
    Business and Economics
Laurent BourgeonLaurent Bourgeon

“The ESSEC EMBA gave me the confidence and skills required for my future projects.”


Manager Retail, Fashion & Luxury at Accenture

ESSEC EMBA Alumna 2021


“The Executive MBA made me realize the type of leader I am. It helped me acquire new hard skills and develop existing soft skills.”

Mathieu BUCHET

Director, Strategy & Business Development at Business France

ESSEC EMBA Alumnus 2021

david pereira photodavid pereira photo

“My aim was to break the ‘technician’ image I had, and to acquire new competencies in order to progress within the company, or look for another one.”


Entrepreneur and CEO at Open Reality

ESSEC EMBA alumnus 2019


“It is truly a life-changing experience. You will not be alone. You will gain invaluable support and advice from your classmates and the ESSEC associations. ESSEC feels like a second family!”


Entrepreneur and Consultant at Semenenko Consulting

ESSEC EMBA Alumna 2020


“I wanted to challenge myself and acquire new skills and before I knew it, I  was starting to apply to the ESSEC EMBA program. It was unexpected to me, as I never thought I’d return to  school!”

Sandrine MARTIN

Senior Global Project Manager at PPD

ESSEC EMBA Alumna 2021


“My source of motivation was to break the glass ceiling, move onwards and upwards professionally, and I knew a recognized French degree from a top Business School on my CV would contribute to that goal.”

Michèle HORNER

Head of European Broker Relations at Beazley

ESSEC EMBA Alumna 2021

The EMBA learning journey is centered around four complementary pillars: Leadership, ESG, Innovation & AI. These pillars constitute the foundation of modern business practices, reflecting the challenging landscape of today’s global economy, preparing our EMBA participants to take on leadership roles in an evolving context.


The EMBA curriculum has been built to reflect the most up-to-date research on leadership practices, theories and models. The topic of leadership is embedded across courses, ensuring a 360° view of organization, and is the subject of a 3-day Leadership Seminar, during which participants put into practice their team-leadership skills through a series of military-led group exercises and challenges. 


Integrity, environmental and social responsibility and professional ethics are guiding principles underlying our mission to educate responsible executives who will make a positive impact on the business world. For this reason, ESG is embedded across the EMBA curriculum in the form of dedicated courses (eg. ESG for Leaders), an optional ESG Executive Certificate and the Social Class Project.


Designed to nurture and support intra and entrepreneurial ambitions, the ESSEC EMBA is known for fostering an ecosystem that is conducive to innovation and entrepreneurship, through courses dedicated to Innovation or Entrepreneurship (eg. Design Thinking, Corporate Venturing) and the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Project.


In a world driven by data and digital transformation, understanding the power of AI is key to making successful business decisions. We equip participants with the knowledge and skillset to harness the power of AI tools during the course of the EMBA through core courses, a 3-day workshop on Design Thinking and a full-day session on Decision Analysis Using AI.


Our curriculum is structured around core courses designed to equip participants with essentials skills and knowledge across key business domains. These core courses encompass essential topics such as leadership, finance, marketing, and strategic management.


Core courses include*:

  • Economic Analysis for Business
  • Negotiation
  • Financial Accounting
  • Marketing Management
  • Decision Analysis
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Mentor Bidding
  • Corporate Finance
  • Change Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Financial Policy
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Strategy
  • Presentation Skills
  • Value Proposition 
  • Business Law
  • Business Ethics
  • Team Building


* This list is subject to change


A core component of our EMBA program, the international study trips in Europe, North America and Asia provide participants with cross-cultural business perspectives, global networking opportunities and real-world business insights. Composed of company visits, speaker sessions, networking events and cultural visits, the residencies offer a unique blend of academic rigor, cultural immersion, and practical experience that prepares participants to excel in the global business arena.


The ESSEC Executive MBA includes international residencies in the following locations:

  • Los Angeles, USA: UCLA | Doing Business in California
  • Milan, Italy: Politecnico di Milano | The Frontiers of Industry 4.0 & Italian Luxury Brands
  • Singapore: ESSEC APAC | Doing Business in Asia & Geopolitics



Combining Leadership in Theory and Leadership in Practice, our ESSEC Executive MBA aims to provide participants with a greater understanding of themselves, their values and their skill set in order to become a more effective leader.


Leadership-specific courses include:

  • Leadership Across Cultures
  • Managing Talent
  • ESG for Business Leaders
  • Managing a Corporate Innovation Program


The Leadership Seminar

The 3-day Leadership Seminar is the opportunity for participants to put into practice their team-leadership skills, through a series of miltary-led group exercises and challenges.



The Entrepreneurship & Innovation Project (EP) is a collaborative team project designed to foster innovation. Through the creation of a new business or the development of a product or market in an existing company, the EP offers a platform for participants to enhance their teamwork abilities and gain practical experience in entrepreneurship, all while creating tangible value for companies. It provides an oopportunity for participants to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios and put their newly acquired skills into action.



The Social Class Project (SCP) is a key feature of the EMBA that aims to incorporate Social Responsibility directly into the curriculum. It is designed to contribute to the betterment of society, to foster teamwork and to strengthen class spirit. The SCP delivers a strong ethical framework for addressing the complex challenges of today's world, ultimately preparing participants to be conscientious, socially responsible leaders who can drive positive change in their organizations and society at large.



A unique feature of our EMBA programs, the Multi Competency Teams (MCTs) are groups formed of individuals from a diverse range of industries, nationalities, backgrounds and functions. Participants are assigned a group at the start of the program and conduct most group projects and assignements with this same group during the 18 months of the program. This unique learning experience is enhanced by team coaching sessions with professional coaches.



Professional coaches engage with you throughout the 18-month program to develop an action plan, address new challenges, reflect on your current position and increase your impact as a leader.

  • 10+ hours of individual coaching
  • 4 group coaching sessions
  • 3 flash sessions with experts




ESSEC Business School and MIP Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of Business Exchange Program


ESSEC Business School and MIP Politecnico di Milano Graduate School have signed a partnership allowing participants at both schools to take specialized classes at the respective partner university.


Each year, up to five students per school are able to participate in this exchange program and to take one course on the partner campus. ESSEC EMBA participants gain access to expert-taught courses at MIP in e-commerce and IoT (Internet of Things), while the MIP Politecnico di Milano participants get the opportunity to study entrepreneurship, innovation and Artificial Intelligence at the ESSEC campus.


The exchange includes the following courses offered by ESSEC: Introduction to Intra & Entrepreneurship; Decision Analysis & Business Analytics & AI; Managing a Corporate Innovation Program; Business Ethics.


MIP will offer the following courses to ESSEC EMBAs: Industry 4.0; B2C e-Commerce supporting Omnichannel Strategies; Fintech; IoT and connectivity.


Find out more here.



Academic Director of the ESSEC Executive MBA

Steven Seggie

"In a world defined by profound change, the decision to embark on an Executive MBA is pivotal moment in your personal and professional life.

There are many reasons why you might decide to pursue this journey - to assume greater responsibilities, to pivot careers, to venture into entrepreneurship, to challenge your ideas and seek inspiration. Irrespective of your motivation, our program is a vessel for personal and professional growth.

The EMBA is a 18-month journey that molds you into a more resilient, agile and visionary leader. It is a catalyst for career change. It empowers you to take on new challenges, think more creatively and make a real impact on the world.

As you embark on your EMBA journey, you are joining a dynamic community of like-minded individuals who will shape your vision and stand alongside you as you make your mark on this world."

steven Seggie
ESSEC Executive MBA | Unlocking Potential

“One of the reasons why I chose this EMBA is because ESSEC is a leading business school with teaching excellence, and the program curriculum is very wide, with different and interesting courses and residencies in Europe and Asia.”

Mathieu BUCHET

Director, Strategy & Business Development at Business France

ESSEC EMBA Alumnus 2021

Allain RazafimaharoAllain Razafimaharo


“The techniques and skills, including the soft ones, taught during the Executive MBA classes were absolutely instrumental to the success of my intrapreneurship project. I had the opportunity to apply them all, from the very basic design of a business canvas to the more elaborate techniques of modern financial management.”

Allain Razafimaharo

Strategic Innovation Business Lead at Kontron Transportation

ESSEC EMBA alumnus 2018


“What impressed me most was the Social Project being such a big part of the program. This was what confirmed my decision and I really didn’t need to apply to any other MBA.”

Sandrine MARTIN

Senior Global Project Manager at PPD

ESSEC EMBA Alumna 2021

david pereira photodavid pereira photo

“Within the program, we have to work and submit an entrepreneurial group project. It was a challenge for me to convince my classmates to work on a project related to Holographic Head of Display: it was too technical, too new a concept, too premature… Steven Seggie, the academic director, supported me and allowed me to work on this project on my own…. And that meant a lot to me, as nobody put barriers on my way!”


Entrepreneur and CEO at Open Reality

ESSEC EMBA alumnus 2019


“I have excellent memories of the Leadership Seminar, where we were really challenged. The idea was to get our hands (but not only) dirty and ‘handle the crisis’ as a leader within a group of peers. I was a little apprehensive thinking I might struggle, but there was a fantastic team spirit and it was amazing.”

Marie Hernigou

Head of B2B ICT Services Delivery at Bouygues Telecom Entreprises

ESSEC & Mannheim Alumna 2021



“During the program, I worked on an entrepreneurship project that became a reality. We created a little company and we are still working to try to develop it.  At the same time, as I kept my job at LV, I was promoted to a new position.  All leadership and management skills that I was able to develop during the program are being used now!”


Head of IS Retail domain at Louis Vuitton

ESSEC EMBA Alumna 2021

david pereira photodavid pereira photo

“I had several classes that turned me upside down: Negotiations (Aurélien Colson), Economic Analysis for Business (Radu Vranceanu), Corporate Finance (Maggie Gorse) and Intrapreneurship (Fabrice Cavarretta), and to conclude, Law for Business (Genevieve Helleringer).”


Entrepreneur and CEO at Open Reality

ESSEC EMBA alumnus 2019

of graduates have expanded their professional responsibilities
of graduates attribute their career growth to skills acquired in the program
of graduates have jobs with global exposure

You benefit from a tailored career offering until the end of your program

Aligned with the ethos of ESSEC Executive MBA programs centered on collaborative learning, participants engage in three group coaching sessions over the 18-month program. These sessions aim to provide leadership skills, facilitate understanding through peer interaction, nurture a cohesive bond among participants, and collectively navigate challenges by tapping into diverse perspectives and expertise.

  • Kick-off coaching session to take stock of your professionnel project and define an action plan

  • Coaching sessions to guide you in your professional transition and repositioning, the construction of your project or your leadership posture

  • Experts counselling sessions to be advised on specific themes such as LinkedIn, salary negotiation or strategic relooking


  • Build your professional project: assessment, collective thinking, action plan
  • Look for a job: search strategy, CV, interview…
  • Expend your network: personal branding, LinkedIn, corporate political strategy… 
  • Develop your talents: leadership, conflict management, crisis communication...


  • Exchange at inter-promos evenings
  • Network with alumni 
  • Participate in thematic conferences



“In 18 months, thanks to this experience I got a promotion within my current company moving from business development VP, to Corporate VP New Business for the group.”

Tristan de Montlivault

Corporate Vice President New Business at Hutchinson

ESSEC EMBA Alumnus 2022


"When I left, I wanted to test everything I had been taught. I wanted to take my career to new levels. The MBA is a toolkit: when used effectively, it allows you to stand out in the market, to lead projects on a global scale, to know how to sell them. This positioning, combined with a strong network, has allowed me to make a significant jump in terms of compensation over the last 6 years."

Mehdi Sebti

Digital Transformation & Value Advisory Leader at ServiceNow

ESSEC EMBA Alumnus 2016


“I wanted to avoid being stuck in a job that I don't like at 50! My source of motivation was to break the glass ceiling, move onwards and upwards professionally, and I knew a recognized French degree from a top business school on my CV would contribute to that goal.”

Michèle HORNER

Head of European Broker Relations at Beazley

ESSEC EMBA Alumna 2021

Candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • A 4-year Bachelor's degree or a Master's degree*

  • At least 7 years of work experience, including 3 years of managerial experience

  • Advanced English level (TOEIC minimum score: 830) 

  • Two reference letters (please use the following template)

  • Significant international exposure, excellent work performance and strong leadership potential


*For candidates holding a 3-year Bachelor's degree, a specific process of VAP (Validation of Acquired Professional and Personal knowledge) will apply

Contact our EMBA International Recruitment Manager for a one-to-one discussion about your career plans.



Complete your online application for the Executive MBA here.


The following supporting documents must be included in your application. Please attach them via the online application system.


A complete file includes the following documents

Application Fee

A fee of 150 euros must be paid online. Please note that this application fee is non-refundable. 

Curriculum Vitae

Your curriculum vitae (CV) can be in any  format. 

Scanned copies of your transcripts and diplomas

Official and authenticated copies from all colleges and universities attended. 

Reference Letters

Two professional recommendation letters are required, providing information about your leadership and management potential.
Please us the following template. If you have additional reference letters in another format, you may include them in addition to the templated letters.

Identity Card

A copy of any of the following:

  • Valid Passport
  • National Identity Card


One copy of your most recent ID photo

*Please make sure that all supporting documents are in English.
Official translations must be provided for documents in other languages. 



Shortlisted candidates are invited to attend an official jury in Paris, at the La Défense Campus or via video conference, during which candidates will have the chance to present themselves in person, and go deeper into their motivations for attending the program.



Candidates will be notified of the outcome within one week after the interview. Accepted candidates will have three weeks to confirm before the offer of acceptance is withdrawn.



The recruitment team will guide you through the different financing options available based on your personal and professional situation.


Participants can finance their program through different ways :

  • Personal funding

  • Partnerships with Banks and Loan providers: LCL, Société Générale, BRED, Prodigy, etc.

  • Company financing

  • French public financing options for executive programs (CPF, Fongecif, etc.)

  • Scholarships

illustration etudiants

ESSEC provides a diverse array of scholarships aimed at facilitating the career advancement of executives, managers, and leaders

Description: This scholarship is awarded to candidates who have been involved in an entrepreneurial project/start-up or plan to create one.

Criteria: The candidate's ability to demonstrate the potential or desire to develop a successful business.



Description: This scholarship is awarded to women who are driven to pursue positions of leadership in the future.   

Criteria: The leadership potential of the candidate will be assessed through her responsibilities, her involvement in clubs and organizations, her general visibility and her career progression.



Description: This scholarship rewards a candidate who has demonstrated exceptional career advancement, in any function or sector.

Criteria: The ability of a candidate to demonstrate success in their career and who shows potential to evolve rapidly in a company or public organization.



Description: This scholarship rewards candidates who have worked in an international environment, in several countries, have a deep understanding of intercultural business environments and can speak several languages.

Criteria: The ability of a candidate to understand international challenges, the nature and number of projects led abroad, the number of languages mastered and the ability to demonstrate how these have uplifted their career.



Description: This scholarship is awarded to candidates from an emerging or developing country, who is able to demonstrate their positive impact on the local economy of that country.

Criteria: The nationality of the candidate and for French candidates, the country of residence.



Description and criteria: This scholarship is awarded to candidates who have shown their contribution in the below listed sectors aligned with ESSEC’s values and strategic challenges:

  • Digital Transformation

  • Sustainability

  • Entrepreneurship & intrapreneurship



Description: This scholarship is awarded to candidates working in a small company which contributes to the French economy.

Criteria: Confirmed work experience in a small French company




The candidate must be in the process of applying, or be admitted to a post-experience/executive program at ESSEC Business School.


The candidate must write a cover letter indicating their choice of scholarship(s) and illustrate using concrete examples


The Admissions Team informs the candidate of the commission’s decision: acceptance (along with the amount of scholarship) or refusal.

The admissions team will guide you through the various financing options available based on your personal and professional situation, as well as the chosen program:

This program is eligible for the Personal Training Account (CPF).

At ESSEC Executive Education, we understand that financing a program can be a significant investment. That's why we have partnered with banking institutions to offer you the opportunity to secure a loan at an attractive rate to further your education. These partnerships enable you to benefit from favorable terms to finance all or part of your training expenses. Our advisors are available to provide you with more information on the available financing options and to guide you through the process of obtaining a loan.

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Clubs and chapters
> 1000

A Network of Excellence

You have completed a degree, certification or short program? You are now part of the ESSEC Executive community!
Take advantage of networking, mentoring and continuous learning opportunities to advance your career in an ever-changing world.






WEBINAR | EMBA Alumni Voices: Career Insights & Success Stories

Join our webinar and discover first-hand how an EMBA from ESSEC can help you take your career to the next level. You'll hear from our EMBA Program Alumni, and will be able to ask all of your burning questions.

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