ESSEC Alumni

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Founded in 1923 by a young graduate, ESSEC Alumni is one of the largest alumni networks in France. Today, there are more than 71,000 alumni, to which a new class of 2,000 young professionals is added each year. The network spans five continents, in more than 85 countries. It runs more than 125 chapters around the world, organizing nearly 500 events a year.

The association's work is based on four main principles:

  • Inspire: be proud of ESSEC and your shared values;
  • Connect: offer the ESSEC community the same experience around the world;
  • Support: so that everyone can find a meaningful job;
  • Together: to act: to get involved in the environmental and social transition.

ESSEC Alumni gives you the opportunity to meet a great number of graduates during your time at the school. Valuable contacts that you can use to network when looking for an internship or a job.

➔ Attend the monthly Alumni Talks. Whether it's luxury, investment banking, strategy consulting, public affairs, media or entertainment, alumni from all sectors working in the most prestigious companies share their stories and give you their advice.

➔ Interact face-to-face with graduates during One-to-One Meetings (sessions from January to May) and the Networking Nights.

➔ Discover inspiring people and careers in ESSEC Alumni's content and get the latest news from the ESSEC Community.


In partnership with the school's career services:


➔ Follow the mentoring program (from the master cycle);

➔ Connect with alumni around the world during the International Weeks.



Based on the Paris-Cergy campus, the ESSEC Alumni Campus team will help and guide you in building your career.

➔ Make an appointment with the Campus team for individualized counseling.

➔ Take part in dedicated workshops.

➔ Access offers reserved for ESSEC alumni.


Take part in the Network Masterclasses.

➔ Join the industry clubs (luxury, finance, digital, etc.) and the international chapters (USA, UK, Singapore, etc.) and take part in their events.

➔ Take a look at the ESSEC directory of alumni and join the private ESSEC Alumni LinkedIn group.

➔ Submit an application for ESSEC Alumni projects with your association.


➔ Learn more about the ESSEC Entrepreneurs Club, ESSEC Business Angels and ESSEC Transition Alumni.

➔ Join the Entrepreneurs Slack group for students.