Apprenticeship and internships

ESSEC Business School was the first business school in France to ever include an apprenticeship program in its course offering. This was in the early 1990s with the setting up of the Apprentice Training Center (CFA).

In a clear commitment to social openness, our system facilitates the access of all students to higher education through corporate financing. It facilitates early professionalization and rapid integration into the job market.

In order to align the reality of business life with our programs, we offer flexible solutions: weekly, monthly, quarterly, and even full-time host company/ ESSEC rotations. Our teams do their utmost to adapt to your schedule.

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I think the main benefit of the apprenticeship program at ESSEC is its flexibility. This was seen as a positive point in each of the interviews I did and enabled me to position myself on almost all the offers I was interested in. Moreover, with the three-day company/two-day school rotation, I often worked on topics I had discussed two days earlier in class. 


Master in Management (2018 to 2020) - Assistant Sales Trader at HSBC

It is a win-win formula. This system guarantees greater professional integration than a traditional program, since students are operational more quickly. The apprenticeship scheme is a concrete training program that enables students to truly benefit from unique professional experience. You become more mature, develop your professional know-how and increase your skills more quickly.


Master in Management (2018 to 2020) - Associate Account Executive at SAP

Apprenticeship was by far the best choice I made during my studies at ESSEC. It enabled me to acquire financial independence, to have been a full collaborator in my team and probably to land a full-time job afterwards.


Master in Management (2017 to 2019) - VC Strategy & Data Analyst at Orange Ventures

Compatible programs 

  • Global BBA

  • Bachelor Act
  • Master in Management

  • MSc in Hospitality Management

  • Advanced Master ® International Purchasing & Supply Chain Management (GAISC)

  • Advanced Master ® International Business Law and Management (DAIM)/ LL.M

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Operational internship (three months)

During this period, you will work on concrete operational issues. You will strengthen your skills and test your theoretical knowledge against the reality of the field.

Decision-making internship (six months)

This high-responsibility internship immerses you in a company for six months. This significant professional experience is an opportunity to refine your professional project. It constitutes a major step in your integration into the world of work.

For apprenticeship students, the decision-making internship is an integral part of the curriculum. It can be carried out either on a weekly or six-monthly rotation.

To help you choose the best company for your project and prepare for your internship, our Career Services relay numerous offers from our partner companies. These are available year round via the Jobteaser platform.

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