Data, Technology & Society


Around its Metalab, Center for Data, Technology and Society, ESSEC Business School has developed a comprehensive ecosystem designed to prepare future managers and leaders to face up the massive adoption of data technologies, which poses major economic and societal challenges.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are transforming businesses and society in profound ways. With the emergence of new managerial models, new professions, and unprecedented challenges, society  will increasingly call on the services of leaders who understand and can use new technologies to serve key stakeholders, strategies and business functions.

The biggest obstacle to implementing AI in businesses is not the lack of data scientists, but rather the lack of leaders trained in AI.

In such a context, the strategy of the Metalab, Center for Data, Technology and Society is built around four levers:

  • 1. The development of innovative educational programs: true to its pioneering spirit, ESSEC trains future executives and business leaders in the use of disruptive data-based digital technologies (artificial intelligence: machine learning and generative technologies; virtual and augmented reality; distributed governance; smart contracts, etc.). These programs will equip key players with the skills required to respond to the societal, ethical and economic issues that these technologies pose today and tomorrow.
    The ambition of The Metalab is to gradually extend these courses to all ESSEC graduates, whatever their educational background and level upon graduating.
    ESSEC pays particular attention to the responsible use (ethical, fair, frugal) of technologies, so that each and every one of the managers and leaders we train can play a proactive role in the development and implementation strategies of these technologies within hybrid teams, working hand in hand with engineers and other technical specialists
  • 2. The production of scientific research The Metalab has set up an AI and data technical platform to facilitate the use of these technologies by researchers from the ESSEC Research Center (CERESSEC), and has developed specialized skills to support the use of AI in research projects
  • 3. The Metalab, Center for Data, Technology and Society joins forces with industrial and public partners with the implementation of innovative research projects and student programs, such as the IDEAS student think tank, thereby having a strong impact for our partners
  • 4. Metalab is leading the public conversation on the adoption of data and AI technologies by business and society. Through the many actions implemented by the Metalab, ESSEC can play a pivotal role in public actions for improving the impact of AI on economic players. Among others, Metalab has recently teamed up with the French Ministry of Economy, Hub France IA, the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham), the OECD, the French Ministry of Labor, and the Conseil National du Numérique advisory commission.