Resources, services, innovative workspaces: the K-lab

The Knowledge Lab (K-lab) is a set of state-of-the-art resources, spaces and services designed to support ESSEC Business School’s professors and students. The objective of the K-lab: to elevate pedagogy and research to the highest level. The K-lab's pedagogical engineers, project managers, documentalists-librarians and video production experts can assist you and help create the best working conditions.

They are responsible for acquiring and distributing documentary and pedagogical resources, producing video content, assisting teachers with digital tools and implementing new pedagogical devices.


  • More than 250,000 annual visits
  • More than 10,000 group work space reservations


  • 60 documentary databases for research and education
  • 45,000 paper books and over 8,300 ebooks
  • Over 100,000 electronic journals
  • 2,500 theses or dissertations available online
  • 48 MOOCs produced since 2014 (with a total of 20,000 registered users on Coursera)
  • 2,600 online course videos


  • 162 training sessions and workshops for full-time students and executive education participants
  • 5,000 trainees (K-lab workshops and documentary training)
  • 2,300 research support requests

Students, professors, staff members, alumni and corporate partners can all benefit from the innovative technologies of the K-lab. With facilities covering over 2,500 m² on the Paris-Cergy campus, it is organized around spaces with specific and complementary functions.