Participate in Chairs

ESSEC Business School's research and teaching Chairs are learning paths that closely associate the institution with companies wishing to be involved in training talent and developing their capacity for innovation. Under the supervision of one or more ESSEC professors, Chairs also benefit from executive management led by recognized experts in their field. Each Chair is designed to be the reference specialty pathway on a specific theme. Through the creation and dissemination of their knowledge, they aim to train students to meet the challenges of tomorrow's world, as well as leaders capable of providing appropriate managerial solutions.



Becoming a Chair partner means building a unique ecosystem of excellence, the result of a dialogue between the worlds of academia, research and business. It means forging lasting and privileged links with future talent who are particularly aware of the issues in your field of interest.

This long-term partnership is a real opportunity to recruit future collaborators from within a Chair.

Become a member of one of our Chairs

  • You will be part of an academic and professional network of excellence that brings together renowned professors, students selected from among the best, and companies all contributing to the advancement of research on a given issue.

  • Together with the teaching and research community, you will develop innovative training materials for the Chair's students.

  • You will advance innovation by organizing specific initiatives.


You will be founding a Chair in your name

Founding a research or teaching Chair in your name is an excellent opportunity to put your vision at the forefront of innovation. It’s a great way to make your mark in excellence.

Do you want to help advance science? Do you want to address a specific issue, in collaboration with faculty and students? Are you looking for ESSEC Business School's international expertise? Contact us for more information.


Partner companies promote innovation and research

  • via students' innovative expertise in hackathons, case studies and the study of new business models.

  • by proposing topics for academic research.

  • by contributing to the public debate in France and internationally.

Companies also strengthen their recruitment capacity by co-training future leaders in their sector and by accessing a pool of candidates trained in the best management and innovation practices.

They also benefit from a renewed influence by speaking to students at academic events of excellence, by leading classes within the Chair, and by gaining access to the network of companies that sponsor ESSEC's other Chairs.


Partnering with a Chair means committing to a long-term collaboration (usually four academic years) through a private financial investment - often made under the corporate sponsorship tax regime.


Each year, our Chairs welcome about 500 students of all nationalities (from more than 1,000 applicants). They are from the following programs:

  • Mainly the Master in Management program

  • Advanced Masters®

  • Global BBA (4th and 5th years)

  • Double degree


A Chair trains an average of 28 students. It combines required and/ or optional classes, case studies, a potential study trip, professional networking events and field trips.

Students are selected by faculty and corporate partners at the beginning of the academic year (between September and October), with classes and educational activities starting in January. Business-related events (seminars, conferences, workshops, etc.) take place throughout the year.

June is the final month of classes and sees students graduate.