ESSEC & Mannheim Executive MBA - Singapore Track

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  • Duration

    15 months

  • Next intake

    October 22, 2024

  • Location(s)

    Singapore and two overseas residencies

  • Average age & experience

    42 years / 16 years

  • Ranking(s)

    #2 Diversity and #2 Career Outcome by QS Joint EMBA Rankings 2022

For senior executives looking to grow in the Asia-Pacific region, the ESSEC & Mannheim EMBA Asia-Pacific track brings together the best of the East and West for one to develop the leadership skills, cultural knowledge, and business acumen needed to thrive.

Bringing together the best of the ESSEC and Mannheim business schools, the program is rated 2nd for career outcomes and diversity on the QS Joint EMBA Rankings 2022. The program offers a practical framework for leadership—giving participants an edge in a competitive world where technological and social advances are altering how businesses operate. 


The ESSEC & Mannheim Executive MBA enables participants to:

  • Develop a 360-degree view of business and expertise in all corporate functions

  • Share best practices among peers and gain first-hand insights into different industries and functions through a group work philosophy

  • Gain an international perspective on doing business through exposure to a variety of cultures and growing business markets

  • Enhance leadership skills in preparation for taking on top level jobs

  • Create and develop a valuable and lasting network of business partners and friends

  • Increase versatility and value employers, thus multiplying career opportunities

  • Acquire relevant knowledge and tools readily applicable to specific career challenges

The program at a glance

An International Outlook with a pan-Asian Core

where courses are delivered expertly by predominantly Asian faculty. The curriculum also covers 2 additional regional perspectives (Europe and North America) through residencies at Mannheim Business School, in Germany, and a partner university in the US. 

An Inclusive Approach

with a strong focus on actionable learning and tactical frameworks applicable in the workplace, including a program-long group project on Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Sustainability, which drives participants to develop start-up skills while also considering innovative business approaches and a view to sustainable / responsible practices.

An Innovative Curriculum

incorporating the latest business trends in topics such as Digital Transformation and Bottom of the Pyramid, Negotiating Business Deals in Asia, and Responsible Leadership & Sustainability.

Uncover Your Value

COVID-19 has sent the world into upheaval, and now more than ever before, the need is for leaders capable of helping navigate through uncertainties. As leadership opportunities arise, how will you distinguish yourself from your peers?

  • Senior executives with at least eight (8) years of professional experience, including three (3) years of managerial experience
  • A good academic degree from a reputable institution (there is an additional process in place for non-degree holders)
  • A track record showcasing excellent work performance and leadership potential
  • Very good command of the English language (program entirely taught in English)

The business world is constantly moving  and evolving at an unprecedented pace. We have identified a combination of Asian insights essential to consider while conducting business in the region and made sure that the program incorporates a broad range of courses to cover both soft skills and hard skills.

The ESSEC & Mannheim Executive MBA Asia-Pacific program truly equips established and up-and-coming leaders with the expertise to handle various challenges often associated with leadership positions.

ESSEC's educational approach is based on the participants' autonomy, responsibility, and freedom . ESSEC focuses on business experience and on the international arena to nurture the development of future graduates and give them a taste for innovation and entrepreneurship.

After taking the ESSEC & Mannheim EMBA Asia-Pacific program, I didn't just come across as another learning and talent development person. I could now speak the language of business and see things from a business perspective.

Stephenie Teo

Head of Learning & Talent Management, Bank of Singapore, ESSEC & Mannheim EMBA Asia-Pacific Alumna 2015

This cluster provides strong insights and tools to understand how the Asia-Pacific economic and business landscapes are structured and how they are evolving.

  • Contemporary Economic Issues in Asia

  • Geopolitics in Asia from a Managerial Perspective

  • Global Corporate Strategy in Asia

  • Supply Chain Management: Asian Perspectives

  • Negotiating Business Deals in Asia

  • Business Law

  • Public/Private Partnership: Recipe for Success in Asia

  • Islamic Business in Asia: The New Frontier



These classes give an overview of established business models and their evolution, and the new models which are sprouting across Asia-Pacific.

  • Business Model Innovation

  • Corporate Finance for Strategic Decision-making

  • Accounting and Financial Reporting

emba-academic-curriculum-innovating and-managing

In today's day and age, a leader needs to know the digital aspects of the company's strategy and manage them properly. This cluster will equip the participant with the know-how to understand the current corporate digital trends and how to leverage them.

  • Marketing in Asia

  • Digital Transformation and Bottom of the Pyramid

  • E-Commerce and Platforms

  • Brand Management Using Digital Marketing and Social Media


Committed to changing the narrative, these courses aim to equip tomorrow’s business leaders with the knowledge, conviction, and vision to drive a greener future.

  • Responsible Leadership & Sustainability

  • Talent Management and Inclusive Leadership

  • Human Resource Management

  • Ethics and CSR

  • Executive Coaching


A real-life company project to apply the knowledge gained throughout the program. 


The online course will be taught by professors from Mannheim Business School, covering different perspectives on a chosen topic


Participants will get to embark on a one-week residency in Mannheim Business School and a country in Asia with the support of our partner universities.

Cedomir Nestorovic EMBA AsiaCedomir Nestorovic EMBA Asia

Prof. Cedomir Nestorovic, ESSEC Professor, specializes in Geopolitics, Islamic Business. He teaches worldwide and offers expert insights on news channels like CNBC, CNA, and in newspapers including Le Monde, Liberation.

Cedomir Nestorovic

Geopolitics Professor, and Academic Director of the ESSEC & Mannheim EMBA Asia-Pacific

 Laurent Bibard EMBA Asia Laurent Bibard EMBA Asia

Laurent Bibard, ESSEC Professor, teaches Philosophy and Management across programs. With a PhD in Socio-economics of Technical Change, his research spans ethics, CSR, sustainable development. He consults for companies in various sectors and public institutions.

Laurent Bibard

Professor of Philosophy and Management

Arijit Chatterjee EMBA AsiaArijit Chatterjee EMBA Asia

Arijit Chatterjee, Assoc. Prof. of Strategy at ESSEC, explores inequality in firms, institutional change, and sustainable business models. His research is widely recognized and he'll introduce a new course on Responsible Leadership and Sustainability for the Global MBA in 2020.

Arijit Chatterjee

Associate Professor, Management Department

Reetika Gupta EMBA AsiaReetika Gupta EMBA Asia

Prof. Reetika Gupta, Assoc. Prof. of Marketing at ESSEC, researches consumer behavior, corporate social responsibility, and teaches across programs.

Reetika Gupta

Associate Professor, Marketing Department and Global BBA Associate Academic Director

Ivana Ljubic EMBA AsiaIvana Ljubic EMBA Asia

Prof. Ivana Ljubic, ESSEC's Prof. of Operations Research, specializes in decision making and network analytics, with previous research at various institutions.

Ivana Ljubic

Professor of Operations Research, PhD from Vienna University of Technology

 Jan Ondrus EMBA Asia Jan Ondrus EMBA Asia

Jan Ondrus, ESSEC Asia-Pacific Assoc. Prof., specializes in IT, digital ecosystems, and mobile payments, contributing to teaching and collaborating with industry and government.

Jan Ondrus

Associate Professor, Information Systems, Decision Sciences and Statistics (IDS) Department

 Xavier Pavie EMBA Asia Xavier Pavie EMBA Asia

Xavier Pavie, ESSEC Professor, heads the iMagination Center in Singapore. He's an expert in marketing, innovation, and transdisciplinarity, contributing to major publications and receiving awards for pedagogical excellence.

Xavier Pavie

Associate Academic Director for Master in Management & Director of iMagination Center

Sonja Prokopec EMBA AsiaSonja Prokopec EMBA Asia

Prof. Sonja Prokopec, ESSEC LVMH Chair Professor, excels in luxury brand management research. Recognized globally, she advises luxury, fashion, and automotive sectors, coordinating the ESSEC Executive Online Certificate on Digital Marketing Strategies.

Sonja Prokopec

Professor of Marketing

Ashok Som EMBA AsiaAshok Som EMBA Asia

Ashok Som, ESSEC strategy professor, PhD in Business Admin, specializes in Organization Redesign, HRM Innovation, and Asian Innovation. He directs EMiLUX and Global Executive Master in Hospitality Leadership. He established ESSEC's India Research Center.

Ashok Som

Professor of Strategy


Maurice Thévenet, a professor at ESSEC Business School since 1984, holds an agrégation in management science, a doctorate, and an HDR. He has been the head of the ICP-ESSEC Business and Common Good program since 2021.

Maurice Thévenet

Professor, Management Department

Vijay Yadav EMBA AsiaVijay Yadav EMBA Asia

Prof. Vijay Yadav, ESSEC faculty since 2011, specializes in finance, particularly mutual funds and investment management. He's received research awards and previously worked at the Reserve Bank of India.

Vijay Yadav

Associate Professor, Finance Department

Yan Li EMBA AsiaYan Li EMBA Asia

Prof. Yan Li researches mobile app, IT adoption, HR, IS leadership, and supply chain management. Published in top journals, she supervises Asian projects, holding degrees from Nanjing and National University of Singapore.

Yan Li

Professor, Information Systems, Decision Sciences and Statistics (IDS) Department


A leading pioneer in education since 1907 and ranked # 6 business school in Europe by the Financial Times. ESSEC holds the prestigious “triple crown” accreditation from AMBA, EQUIS, and AACSB. We offer a wide range of top-ranked programs that provide strong global exposure, professional networks, and career outcomes. Students can choose to study on three continents via our global campuses in Singapore, France, and Morocco. In helping our graduates advance their professional aspirations, we have produced business leaders who helm some of the world's most influential organizations, such as Accenture, PwC, UBS, Chanel, L'Oréal, and Van Cleef & Arpels. 

We serve to establish strong links between our participants and international companies on various levels so that all can benefit from the transfer of knowledge. 

With more than 65,000 alumni in 65 capital cities, ESSEC is proud of its strong and influential alumni network worldwide. Our alumni also value strengthening their network and widening their career opportunities through their associations within an active alumni community.

“The ESSEC & Mannheim EMBA Asia-Pacific filled the gap for me as it framed the HR strategies, showed the different models that companies use, and gave me an avenue to ask all the questions I needed. The beauty of the EMBA is in its interactive nature. Unlike in a traditional classroom, the emphasis is on information synthesis, not download. Lessons are discussion-centric, with an abundance of opportunities to brainstorm and question.”
ESSEC & Mannheim Executive MBA Class of 2021

Timothy Kooi

Head of Digital, International Fuels & Lubricants at Chevron

Next EMBA program intake coming soon 


One-to-one discussion

Contact our EMBA program advisor Marc Nerva for a one-to-one discussion.


Online Application

Complete your online application for the ESSEC & Mannheim Executive MBA Asia-Pacific

** Kindly contact us for a one-to-one discussion before starting your online application.**


Please contact our EMBA program advisor Marc Nerva for a one-to-one discussion.

Please complete your online application for the ESSEC & Mannheim Executive MBA Asia-Pacific

** Kindly contact us for a one-to-one discussion before starting your online application.**

Jury admission

Shortlisted candidates are invited to attend their official Jury in Singapore or via video conference, during which candidates will have the chance to present themselves in person, and go deeper into their motivations for attending the program.


Application review by the admissions committee

Candidates will be notified of the outcome 1-2 days after the Jury. Candidates who receive their acceptance package will have two weeks to sign and return it before the offer of acceptance is withdrawn.


Candidates will be notified of the outcome 1-2 days after the Jury. Candidates who receive their acceptance package will have two weeks to sign and return it before the offer of acceptance is withdrawn.


Scholarships will be awarded to meritorious candidates in each class whose background, work experience, achievements, and personal profile contribute to the school's breadth and depth of diversity. There will be balanced considerations of both merit and financial needs. This award is open to all nationalities.


Value of the Award: Up to SGD 10,000


Application Deadline
ESSEC & Mannheim EMBA Asia-Pacific Diversity Scholarships are limited in number, and there is significant competition for each award. We encourage early application online.


Download the Diversity Scholarship application form



The Singaporean Future Leader Scholarship is awarded to Singaporean candidates based on merit and the quality of his/her essay. It will be on a first-come-first-served basis.


Value of the Award: SGD 5,000 for each qualified candidate


Download the Singaporean Future Leader Scholarship application form



The Women Leader Scholarship is awarded to the selected female candidates based on merit and the quality of her essay. The committee will base its decision on the candidate’s essay and profile. 


Value of the award: SGD 5,000


Download the Women Leader Scholarship form



The First Mover Scholarship is awarded to a limited number of applicants who have accepted the admission offer and made the first payment before 31 March for the October 2023 intake. The award is open to all nationalities.


Value of the Award: SGD 10,000



The Early Bird Scholarship will be awarded to a limited number of applicants who have accepted the admission offer and made the first payment before 30 June for the October 2023 intake. This award is open to all nationalities.


Value of the Award: SGD 7,000


Important note: Some scholarships offered to qualified candidates are non-cumulative



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